Key Features

  • Matt-finished translucent glass
  • Creates stunning effects in both interior and exterior applications
  • SGG SATINOVO is a unique translucent glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and smooth, satin-like appearance.

    It is produced by acid-etching the surface of SGG PLANICLEAR glass to produce the uniform matt finish.

    SGG SATINOVO therefore offers a solution for multiple applications and markets where a feature design element is desired or simple vision control.


    SGG SATINOVO can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial settings:

    • Doors
    • Shower screens and enclosures
    • Partitions and interior screens
    • Furniture, e.g. cupboard doors, shelves, tables
    • Wall cladding
    • Signage
    • Balustrades and guarding
    • Shopfitting – displays and counter tops.


    It can also be used in external glazing, in windows and doors for example. We recommend that the etched surface of the glass faces either the inside of the sealed unit or
    the inside of the building if single glazed.


    SGG SATINOVO can be cut and edgeworked like SGG PLANICLEARclear float glass. When cutting the glass, it is advisable to lay the pane non-treated face down.

    Standards & Regulations

    SGG SATINOVO conforms to all the relevant standards in the various forms supplied by Glassolutions.

  • Benefits – end user / client

    • SGG SATINOVO can be used to create stunning aesthetic effects, diffusing light and emitting a certain purity of colour and light.
    • In both interior screens and external glazing, SGG SATINOVO provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention and distractions, without compromising light levels. It has similar light transmittance levels as the equivalent thickness of ordinary float glass.
    • Thanks to its satin-smooth surface, SGG SATINOVO does not mark with dirt and finger prints for example, as readily as traditional etched and sandblasted glasses.
    • A low maintenance product, any surface marks that may eventually form are easily removed, facilitating installation and longevity of appearance. These properties are inherent to the glass – no additional surface treatments are required.

    Benefits – glass processors

    • Can be cut and processed in exactly the same way as ordinary float glass.
  • Range

     SGG SATINOVO from Glassolutions
     Monolithic glass  Standard Dimensions (in mm): DLF 3210 x 2250 / 2400 / 2550 Thicknesses: 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 15 – 19mm
     Toughened glass  SGG SECURIT SATINOVO
     Laminated glass  SGG SATINOVO itself cannot be laminated. However, Glassolutios Solaglas produces SGG STADIP laminated glass with a Diffusa (2165) interlayer which looks very similar to SGG SATINOVO.
     Fire-resistant glass  SGG PYROSWISS SATINOVO
     Double / triple glazing  SGG SATINOVO can be combined with products such as SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ in double or triple glazed sealed units to achieve an obscured effect while delivering thermal insulating properties.

    For additional thicknesses or references please contact us.


     Product  Thickness (mm)  LT %  Weight (kg/m2)
     SGG PLANICLEAR  4  90  10
     SGG SATINOVO  4  89  10
     SGG PLANICLEAR  6  89  15
     SGG SATINOVO  6  88  15
     SGG PLANICLEAR  10  88  25
     SGG SATINOVO  10  87  25
     SGG PLANICLEAR  12  87  30
     SGG SATINOVO  12  86  30
     SGG PLANICLEAR  15  86  37.5
     SGG SATINOVO  15  84  37.5
     SGG PLANICLEAR  19  83  47.5
     SGG SATINOVO  19  83  47.5

    For an explanation of the technical terms visit the Knowledge Centre and view the glossary.

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