Key Features

  • Acoustic, noise control glazing
  • PVB interlayer absorbs different kinds of sound in order to keep unwanted noise out or to keep sound in
  • SGG STADIP SILENCE is a modern noise control glazing that reliably keeps intrusive noise out, providing the tranquillity essential for working, living and enabling relaxing sleep.

    SGG STADIP SILENCE acoustic laminated glass contains a film interlayer that has a special dampening viscoplastic core helping to reduce the transmission of sound.

    SGG STADIP SILENCE suppresses the intrusion of sound waves around the critical frequency of the glass, be it a single pane or a double glazed unit. In a double glazed unit, SGG STADIP SILENCE achieves an airborne sound insulation index value of up to 54dB.


    SGG STADIP SILENCE is equally suitable for both internal and external use.

    Glass façades and windows
    SGG STADIP SILENCE significantly reduces the effect of exterior noise in buildings situated near noisy locations such as busy streets or airports.

    Internal Partitions
    In the case of internal partitions, SGG STADIP SILENCE impresses with its high security attributes. Depending on its thickness, a single pane of SGG STADIP SILENCE can dampen the sound to 47 dB. In a double layer construction, sound insulation values far exceeding 50 dB are possible. In addition, SGG STADIP SILENCE also provides numerous opportunities for creative designs and personalisation.

    Overhead glazing
    Overhead glazing is an architecturally attractive design element in atria and passages but also in more private areas such as conservatories. Overhead glazing can be an intrusive source of noise itself through rain or hail landing on the glazing. SGG STADIP SILENCE raises the sound insulation factor by up to 13dB.

    In addition, SGG STADIP SILENCE also provides splinter adhesion in case of breakage and, with a film thickness of >0.76mm, meets the necessary requirements for overhead glazing.


    SGG STADIP SILENCE can be cut and processed in the same way as standard laminated glass.

    Standards & Regulations

    SGG STADIP SILENCE conforms to all the relevant standards when supplied by Glassolutions Solaglas.




  • Benefits - end-users / clients

    Environmental noise has a detrimental impact on health in the following potential ways. SGG STADIP SILENCE has the ability to minimise or eliminate these negative physical and psychological effects:

    • Difficulties concentrating and sleeping
    • Raised blood pressure
    • Cardiovascular complaints
    • Nervous disorders
    • Depression
    • Increased blood pressure and heart rate

    No reduction in visual quality – utilises an acoustic interlayer that is invisible to the naked eye.

    Filters >99% of UV light so eliminates the bleaching effect of the sun.

    SGG STADIP SILENCE can be combined with many other glass products, providing a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options, including:

    • Solar control glazing (e.g. SGG COOL-LITE or SGG ANTELIO)
    • Thermal insulation (e.g. SGG PLANITHERM)
    • Safety and security (e.g. SGG STADIP / SGG STADIP PROTECT / SGG SECURIT)
    • Fire resistant glazing (e.g. SGG PYROSWISS / SGG CONTRFLAM)
    • Self-cleaning glazing (e.g. SGG BIOCLEAN)
    • Obscured and/or decorative glazing (e.g. SGG MASTERGLASS / Patterned glass)

    Glass processors / fabricators or installers

    Delivers all the safety and security benefits of standard laminated glass.

    Offers a lighter weight, thinner acoustic glass solution compared to using thicker, heavier monolithic or standard laminated glass products.

    Available in low-e coated formats (e.g. SGG STADIP SILENCE PLANITHERM TOTAL+).

    Glassolutions Solaglas provides its customers with an independently certified acoustic calculation tool and independently verified test reports to support the specification and use of the product range.

    Full range availability from national, regional and local Glassolutions Solaglas suppliers, in a range of sizes and supported by nationwide availability of toughened product.



  • SGG STADIP SILENCE from Glassolutions

    Standard Dimensions (in mm): DLF 3210 x 2550.

    All the data and corresponding test reports in the table below are CE Marked.

     Rw in dB  C  Ctr  Type  Thickness (mm)
     35  0   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 6.4  6.4
     35   0   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 6.8  6.8
     37  -1   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 8.4  8.4
     37  0   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 8.8  8.8
     38  -1   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 10.4  10.4
     38  0   -2  SGG STADIP SILENCE 10.8  10.8
     39  0   -2  SGG STADIP SILENCE 12.4  12.4
     39  0  -2  SGG STADIP SILENCE 12.8  12.8
     40  -1   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 14.8  14.8
     41  -3   -3  SGG STADIP SILENCE 16.8  16.8

    For additional thicknesses or references please contact us.

    For double or triple glazed spectrophotometic performance values visit the Knowledge Centre and use the Calumen tool

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