Key Features

  • An articulated bolt system
  • For single, laminated & double glazing
  • Certified as blast-enhanced
  • SPIDERGLASS is a modern solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies, which secures the glazing to a support structure by means of point-fixings

    The high-grade stainless steel fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads (i.e. the dead weight of the glass, wind loading, snow loads and differential expansion due to temperature difference) and distribute them to the support structure.

    Intermediate elements which are inserted between the bolt and the glass ensure:

    • uniform transmission of stresses whilst avoiding local stresses;
    • a watertight facade.

    The system incorporates SECURIPOINT (specially toughened) glass.

    SPIDERGLASS is now also certified as blast-enhanced to ISO 16933 “Glass in Building – Explosion resistant security glazing – Test and classification for arena air blast loading”.

    Blast test video: SPIDERGLASS successfully certified.


    • Facades
    • Inclined facades
    • Double-skin facades
    • Overhead glazing
    • Interior partitions / atria
    • Canopies.

    Installation & Fixing

    SPIDERGLASS is a complete system for bolted glass structures. The complete package includes the glass, fixings, fasteners and SPIDER brackets for connection to the framework or structure.

    Design principles:

    • The size of the supporting structure must be adequate to take the weight of the glass and the wind load conditions so it does not put any strain on the glass itself.
    • The glass needs to withstand the wind loads and imposed dead loads.
    • There must be a gap between the two panes of glass to avoid transmitting stresses and to allow space for the mastic weather seal.
    • Various types of support structures are possible.

    Seal: Panes must be sealed using a silicone mastic applied to an extruded silicone seal. (e.g. SGG HYDROSTOP seal developed by SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS).

    Contact Details

    To discuss your requirements for this specific product range, please contact:
    Glassolutions Structural Supply
    Tel: 024 7654 7400

  • Unobtrusive, flush appearance
    SPIDERGLASS fixings contribute to the creation of all-glass assemblies and innovative projects. With SPIDERGLASS, the glass is not set in frames like traditional constructions, but held in place by point-fixings, thus creating innovative aesthetic all-glass facades.

    Maximum transparency
    All-glass structures can be created, ensuring interiors are generously provided with natural light. When refurbishing older buildings, the clarity of the glass allows the original structure to be exposed in its true form.


  • For monolithic glass, SPIDERGLASS consists of an articulated bolt-fixing which is secured to a support structure to ensure that the glazing is firmly fixed in position. Use of such bolts permits movement in all directions. Each fitting is carefully fitted into a countersunk hole and is secured flush into the exterior surface of the glass.

    Laminated glass, in the form of STADIP SPIDERGLASS (combined with heat-strengthened glass) can also be used with SPIDERGLASS fixings and ensures the integrity of the glass in the event of accidental breakage.

    Double glazed SPIDERGLASS incorporates a SECURIPOINT (specially toughened) outer leaf with either a toughened or laminated inner. The units can incorporate any of the SGG COOL-LITE or SGG PLANITHERM products.

    Most glass products from the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS range can be used with SPIDERGLASS:

    • SGG PLANICLEARclear float glass or SGG DIAMANT extra-clear glass
    • SGG PARSOL body-tinted glass
    • SGG PLANITHERM low-emissivity glass
    • SGG EMALIT EVOLUTION* enamelled glass
    • SGG SERALIT EVOLUTION* screen-printed glass.

    It is possible to use SGG BIOCLEAN self-cleaning glass depending on the type of sealants used.

    * If these products are used, they are subject to specific requirements.

    The spectrophotometric performance of SPIDERGLASS corresponds to that of the glazing which constitutes the system.


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